Message From The Principle


For over six decades, students and churches from different countries in Africa have chosen NLC as the place of study due to its exceptional devotion to equipping men and women for service in the church and community.  Drawing its inspiration from the vision of the founder who sought to create ‘The School of prophets,’ NLC endeavors to provide a favorable environment for studies that are founded on the tenets of the Bible and which ensure students  go into the world to serve in different capacities. Once in service they are able to reflect the love of God and to do so beyond the Christian circles.

Being a Christian institution, NLC make efforts to provide students with an opportunity to grow into leaders who serve with a servant heart.  In creating servants, our students are trained to ensure the holistic well being of those in there line of service is achieved.  Motivated by our motto, ‘Growing in Grace and Knowledge,’ we provide an environment for students to grow beyond their own expectations. Our dedicated teaching staff ensures that students are able to identify their God given potential and pursue it with fidelity. Our facilities are exceptionally designed not only to support the aspiration of students to gain knowledge that is pertinent to their area of service but also inspire their own holistic growth. As we insist on the academic excellence of all our students, we also pursue their spiritual maturity.

At NLC we have build a network of friendship that traverses community, country and continental boundaries. We bring together diverse cultures of students and staff and by that create a centre of interaction that prepares students to serve beyond borders. As we live together and learn the values of love, commitment and cooperation which are essential for cohesiveness in the church and community, we imitate the eschatological gathering of saints. We gather together so that after growing together in God’s grace and learning from each other, students can confidently ‘go into the whole world and make disciples’ as Jesus instructed his disciples.

The capacity of NLC to produce exceptional leaders can be testified to by the number of alumni who hold high profile leadership responsibilities in schools and church bodies in Kenya, Eastern Africa and beyond. Their performance has been lauded since they ensure the growth of the institutions they serve.

I would wish to welcome you all to NLC. This is the place of choice for students and churches that seek to enhance their capacity of service to the world and to do so in an environment that is committed to biblical theology. Here, students grow in grace and knowledge beyond their own expectations. It is marvelous to witness God sustains His Church through Word and Sacrament, calling and through NLC equipping servants with knowledge to take Christ to the whole world even as they serve in their different capacities.

Rev. Hamilton Timothy Shihemi

Acting Principal NLC – Theology

Mph. Th.,  Dip. Th.